BA History

Bachelor of Arts in History is an undergraduate history course. History covers the study of the evolution of human civilizations down the ages i.e. from the re historic to the present times. The course covers the study of major historical events that took place both in India as well as across the world. From the starting history course is very popular and widespread among the students. The curriculum of BA in history course is divided into six semesters. Almost every college and university is offering this course. The course is career orienting in nature that opens many spheres for them after its completion.


The basic qualification needed by a person to join the Bachelors degree is a pass in class 10+2.

Career opportunities @ BA History Degree

They can go for higher education degree program in respective subjects as MA History. and then for further research work. The bachelor degree in BA History is enough to get in to a good career in Historical Fiction, Archaeology, Museums, and Preservations.

Job Opportunities @ BA History Degree

After completing the course they can go for jobs in curator & guide- Musems, Documentation specialist, Historian, Archivist-court houses, research assistant.

BA Political Science

Political Science is a course categorized under the arts stream. People who want to study about the political history of India and other countries take up a major or honors course in political science. This course acquaints about the distribution of power and the political practices through different time periods. This duration of this graduation course is 3 years. It will help you if you have got basic knowledge about the constitutions, preambles and the civic guidelines of the citizens of India.

Career opportunities @ BA Political Science Degree

You can study Master's in Political Science, after your Bachelor's degree. You can also prepare for B.ed. Entrance examination after you complete B.A. honors. This is advisable only if you are looking for jobs in schools under government or private aid. You can do Bachelor's in law right after you pass graduation in political science. . ​

Job Opportunities @ BA Political Science Degree

You can join as a teacher of political science in higher secondary schools.
You can directly sit for public service commission examinations. The rule for sitting for public service commission examination is that, you must be a graduate from any recognized university under the education council. Once you clear this, you can apply for assistant positions in the legislative counsel. You can also join government administrative posts. One of the most prominent options is to join politics. But, you must work as a student leader for quite some time before you join politics. You will have to first get elected as your class representative. All the class representatives are then asked to contest for the assistant general secretary position. Finally after serving some years as the assistant general secretary, you will become the student leader of your chosen political party in that college.

BA Sociology

A graduation degree has full time 3 years duration. The course is typically related to our society structure and gives opportunity to learn about different social issues, problems, social foundation, etc. Students also learn to think about positive social changes and their control.

Career opportunities @ BA Sociology Degree

After successful completion of BA with Sociology, candidate can further go for his or her post graduation that is M.A. with Sociology. If they have interest in teaching, they can pursue B.Ed. after graduation only.​ M.Phil and PhD. options are also open for these students. ​

Job Opportunities @ BA Sociology Degree

A candidate from the field of Sociology can have multiple opportunities in private as well as government sectors. They can join research institutes, Public health and welfare organizations, Law firms, survey and polling organizations. They can also be educator, counselor, consultants and administrator.​ The main areas are Social Works, Community Services, Health Services, Law related area, publishing, etc. The role may be different, but being a social creature, we need a Sociologist in every part of our life.

BA Economics

B.A. Economics is Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. It basically counts under graduation degree for 12th passed students. In this course, students will get chance to learn about basic economics like production analysis, distribution and consumption. This will also include some mathematics, Social economics, degrees of economics (Micro and Macro), Indian Economic Planning & Policy, different principles involved, international economics and other related topics.

Career opportunities @ BA Economics Degree

After successful completion of graduation degree with Economics, candidate may go for M.A. Economics, which is Masters in Arts with specialization in Economics. He or she may go for marketing courses like MBA or PGDM. These courses will be having 2 years duration. They can also go for M.Phil and PhD courses. ​

Job Opportunities @ BA Economics Degree

Candidates will have wide area for their career ad economics is a part of any sector, firm or organization. They can work in Manufacturing firms, communication sector or transportations. The main streams which attract most of the economists are banking, Insurance, investment industries and government agencies.​

Many people choose to work as consultant in private as well as public sectors. Not only in India, they will also have good opportunities in other countries and these include international banks, finance companies and many more.​

Lastly, if candidate is interested in academics, he or she may join any teaching institute and flourish his/her career in teaching sector. This may give opportunity to pursue research work to add on in their academic profile. ​

BA Geography

B.A. Geography is Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography is an undergraduate Geography course. Geography is the science which deals with the study of the Earth and lands, features, inhabitants, and phenomena. However modern geography is an all-encompassing discipline that foremost seeks to understand the Earth and all its human and natural complexities not only where objects are but how they changed and come to be.


The basic qualification needed by a person to join the Bachelors degree is a pass in class 10+2.

Career opportunities @ BA Geography Degree

This degree course enables the students to go for various teaching and geography related jobs, one can go for higher degree program in respective subjects such as master degree and then for research work. Students should have excellent skills for project management and the development of reports like environmental impact reports. They can go for MA Geography or M Phil Geography.

Job Opportunities @ BA Geography Degree

Forest Managers

Agricultural Specialists


Regional and Urban Planners

GIS and Remote Sensing Specialists



Urban Planner

Environment Manager

Transportation Manager


Tourist Guide Translator

Regional and Urban Planner

Companies Manager

GIS and Remote Sensing Specialists




Mining Supervisor