Social work loosely translated refers to the various services that are especially designed to provide help for the poor and aged and look after their welfare. The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) is an undergraduate level degree that is awarded to individuals who complete their 3 years in the field of social work. This degree is otherwise known as the Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (B.A.SW). More details about this course are given in detail below.


The basic qualification needed by a person to join the Bachelors degree is a pass in class 10+2.

Career opportunities @ BSW Degree

Social work is best suited for a person who likes to take care of others and shoulder responsibilities against the cruelty shown towards animals or people. A career in the field of social work will provide individuals with an opportunity to help people who have troubles of many kinds. This will include social, educational, domestic or other factors.

When one completes the Bachelors level course in Social Work, they can apply for jobs immediately or go for higher education. As a result of competition between jobs, it will be of great help for individuals if they have a Masters degree in Social Work.

Job Opportunities @ BSW Degree

Employment opportunities are available for social workers within firms of the private as well as public sectors. Some job areas that social workers can choose comprise of counselors in:


Community Policing

Environmental Protection


Employment Areas


Correction Cells

Counseling Centers

Disaster Management Department

Education Sector

Health Industry, Hospitals

HR Department of Industries

Human Rights Agencies


Mental Hospitals

Natural Resources Management Companies


Old Age Homes


Job Types


Criminology Specialists

Executive Officer

Labor Welfare Specialists

Probation Officer


Social Security Officer

Social Worker


Trainee Office